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  • Michelle Denny

The secret to Secret Santa...

Choosing a Secret Santa gift for a colleague you don't know well can be a fun challenge! If you're scratching your head about what to get for your workmate who's basically a mystery to you, don't sweat ... here are some tips on how to work it best, along with some thoughtful, yet neutral gift ideas if you're struggling.

Be a desk detective: Take a peek at their workspace. Any interesting things lying around? Maybe they're into a specific tea, movie or hobby. That could be a clue!

Ask around: Chat up other people who may know them better. They might enlighten you on whta this person's particularly into.

Go Safe ... but cool: If you're drawing blanks, go for something that's generally loved, like a notebook, a cosy throw, a scented candle (not TOO overpowering!), or a funny coffee mug. Can't go wrong with those!

Keep it practical: Things like a neat desk tidy, a nice pen or a useful USB drive can be super handy for anyone at work. What about a small, low maintenance plant or succulent to brighten up their desk?

Something less work orientated: A soft blanket, a warm scarf or comfy socks will certainly be appreciated in the Winter.

Add a dash of personal: Try something personalised, but not too personal, like a monogrammed notebook or a keychain with their initials. A nice hand-crea, or grooming kit can be thoughtful.

Food is always a win: Treats! Who doesn't love those? Special chocolates, a variety of teas or snacks might just hit the spot.

Gift cards: Always a winner.. maybe from a popular coffee shop, bookstore or online retailer.

Stay budget friendly: Don't break the bank! It's about fun and thought, not the price tag!

Just remember, the idea is to show a bit of thoughtfulness, even if you're not particularly close. And if you're still unsure, playing it safe with something practical is always a safe bet. Good luck!!


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