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  • Michelle Denny

So, what's your greatest weakness?

Interview techniques - I’ve put down on paper a handful of ideas that could help lift you from the norm, read below as we discover how to do just that...

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We've all heard them before, the same old questions...

We’ve all heard them before, the same old questions that even the most inexperienced of candidates know are coming … uninspiring to say the least; at best, merely demonstrates the person in front of you has the capability to Google the answer and remember it … Cyberspace is full to the brim with conflicting interview advice for our keen candidates and now we have online meetings too, no wonder we’re all a tad confused!

It’s all-to-easy to see the traditional interview as a battleground exercise, where the goal is to trip the candidate, put them on the backfoot; to test them with an inch of their life.

So maybe it’s time to be different; to stand out from the crowd from the time-ravaged and ill-prepared interviewers of our world and show the respect each person deserves: don’t keep them waiting; ensure you’ve read their application; have their CV within reach; smile; switch your phone to silent; maintain friendly eye contact (rather than a death stare); talk about the ethos and values of your business; engage, engage, engage ….

It all sounds terribly familiar I know; haven’t we been advising candidates forever to do these things too? Proves it’s a two-way street and your company is as much in the interview seat as they are. Sure, you’ll need to push people into situations that make them think, to give them the opportunity to shine, but it’s your chance to shine too and you’ve only got one go at it.

Make it your mission to ensure that every single person you interview walks out of your office loving your company. It may turn out that they may not be right for the job or the business may not be right for them, but if you make it a positive experience, word will spread. Then it’s feedback time, but that’s another story…

I’ve put down on paper a handful of ideas that could help lift you from the norm, so if you’d like to take a look, click here.

Michelle x


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